Sonance Sonarray SR1 Outdoor Speaker System



Encompassing sound that vanishes into its surroundings.

Bring a whole new level of atmosphere and ambience to backyard entertaining.Introducing the SONARRAY SR1 system, a complete outdoor audio system that delivers amazing sound and perfectly-even volume levels for areas up to 2000 square feet (186 square meters).

The SR1 system fully immerses outdoor spaces in perfectly balanced sound by strategically placing eight satellite speakers and a buried subwoofer around the perimeter while being hidden amongst the landscape. This optimized system approach results in breathtaking performance, and a perfect blanket of audio that does not disturb the neighbors.

Paired with a Sonance DSP amplifier, the SR1 system is tailored to adapt to any space’s hardscape or landscape. This ensures the SR1 system delivers unparralled audiophile performance.

In backyards and patios, the SR1’s system of satellites and subwoofer creates crystal clear audio emanating from everywhere, and raises the bar on affordable outdoor audio.

Traditional Speakers

The basics

In typical outdoor audio installations a pair of speakers are placed in one location and usually on the same plane. The result can produce various undesirable effects:

Uneven volume

Speaker placement in one location creates very loud areas near those speakers and little to no sound further away. This can impact furniture arrangements and natural gathering areas.

Unbalanced coverage

It is easy to move in and out of the left and right channels and miss discrete information in the audio.

Unwanted noise

Audio can spill over to neighboring properties creating unwanted disturbances.

Sonance Sonarray Speaker System

A case for an outdoor system

Creating a system composed of satellite speakers and subwoofers envelops a space fully in clear and balanced sound.

Even volume

This approach is similar to great lighting that has no hot spots or dark spots, but rather provides smooth even coverage throughout the area.

Sound from everywhere

The Sonarray SR1 system uses small satellite speakers and a subwoofer perfectly arranged around the perimeter of the property.

No disturbances

The SR1 system is positioned not to spill into surrounding properties.

Easy to Install

The SR1 system runs off of a standard AV receiver or stereo amplifier. It consists of eight satellite speakers and one in-ground subwoofer that install easily into any landscape.

Blends In

The satellite and subwoofer are finished in a neutral earth tone, allowing them to camouflage within the plants and foliage of your outdoor area.

Withstands the Elements

Constructed of corrosion proof composites and featuring triple sealed enclosures, the Sonarray SR1 system can withstand whatever mother nature has to offer; from -20° to 190° F (-29° to 88° C)

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